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Жанр "Экономика. Бизнес"

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Art of War
For more than two millennia, Sun Tzu's The Art of War has influenced some of history's most successful decision-makers. In this...
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The One Device. The Secret History of the iPhone
The secret history of the invention that changed everything and became the most profitable product in the world.

Odds are that...
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That Will Never Work
Once upon a time, brick-and-mortar video stores were king. Late fees were ubiquitous, video-streaming unheard of, and DVD...
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50 Business Classics. Your shortcut to the most important ideas on innovation, management
What do great enterprises have in common? What sort of person starts them? A single idea can help you find the next big thing,...
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The Snowball. Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
Recounting the life and times of one of the most respected men in the world, The Snowball is the most fascinating financial...
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Edible Economics. A Hungry Economist Explains the World
Economic thinking - about globalisation, climate change, immigration, austerity, automation and much more - in its most...
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The Great Degeneration. How Institutions Decay and Economies Die
The decline of the West is something that has long been prophesied. Symptoms of decline are all around us today: slowing growth,...
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Risk. A User’s Guide
What if you could learn how to expect the unexpected?

In business, like in life, foresight is crucial for avoiding pitfalls...
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Famous Women in Business + CD. Level 4
Pearson English Readers bring language learning to life through the joy of reading.

Well-written stories entertain us, make...
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Disrupted. Ludicrous Misadventures in the Tech Start-up Bubble
Dan Lyons was Technology Editor at Newsweek Magazine for years, a magazine writer at the top of his profession. One Friday...
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The Curse of Bigness. How Corporate Giants Came to Rule the World
We’re three decades into a global experiment: what happens when the major nations of the world weaken their control on the size...
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Проблемы глобальной экономики. Учебник
Учебник по дисциплине "Проблемы глобальной экономики" (на английском языке) Problems of Global Economy подготовлен коллективом...
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The Premonition. A Pandemic Story
A Sunday Times And New York Times Bestseller

'Superb... It is tremendous fun, tremendously told' The Times

'A fluid...
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The Future Starts Now. Expert Insights into the Future of Business, Technology and Society
Featuring contributions from an international array of futurists, The Future Starts Now provides fascinating insights and...
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Dark Social. Understanding the Darker Side of Work, Personality and Social Media
From Donald Trump's outrageous tweets to the impact of the GRU (Russia's military intelligence agency) on foreign elections,...
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The Social CEO. How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader
There remains a huge gulf in understanding by many leaders of what some are calling the Social Age – huge changes going on in...
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The Performance Curve. Maximize Your Potential at Work while Strengthening Your Well-being
Many of us are striving to reach our full potential at work and beyond - to achieve our goals, rise to challenges and connect...
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The Power of Clarity. Unleash the True Potential of Workplace Productivity, Confidence
Organizations are stressed. Innovation and global competition have become the source of relentless pressure and customers have...
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Retail Recovery. How Creative Retailers Are Winning in their Post-Apocalyptic World
The world's retail sector has been devastated in recent years by two unstoppable forces: internet shopping and the Covid-19...
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Futureproof Your Career. How to Lead and Succeed in a Changing World
Futureproof Your Career is the essential guide to improving your career and taking full advantage of opportunities for...
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The Intentional Leader. How Inner Authority Can Unleash Strong Leadership
From those decisive moments in which a difficult decision must be made, to the unguarded moments when our emotional, authentic...
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Too Proud to Lead. How Hubris Can Destroy Effective Leadership and What to Do About It
A fascinating investigation into how leaders' confidence can transform into hubris, which has the devastating potential to lead...
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On Board. The Insider's Guide to Surviving Life in the Boardroom
Throughout the world, thousands of people give their time, skill and energy to serving on a board. From local councils to...
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Toxic. A Guide to Rebuilding Respect and Tolerance in a Hostile Workplace
The workplace has become a hotbed of social toxicity – from the #MeToo movement to WeWork, it's clear that abusive bosses and...
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The Little Book of Economics
This book is the perfect introduction to the subject of economics and economic ideas through history.

From the earliest forms...
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Management practices of Russian companies. Vol. 1
This collection of compact cases on management practices in Russian companies was produced by professors of HSE Graduate School...
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Triumph of the City. How Urban Spaces Make Us Human
Understanding the modern city and the powerful forces within it is the life’s work of Harvard urban economist Edward Glaeser, who...
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Under New Management. How Leading Organisations Are Upending Business as Usual
Nearly 70 per cent of employees in the UK aren't performing at their full potential. At the roots of this problem are the...
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How To Get Your Website Noticed
How can you give your website the traffic boost it needs? Today, more than ever before, websites can make or break your business....
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How to Be a Better Leader
We know that businesses and organisations expect people at all levels to show initiative and display good leadership qualities,...
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