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Жанр "Литература на английском языке для детей"

Teach your baby their first animal words with this fun-to-touch board book. Add your own sound effects too! Squeak!
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Ted Rules The World
Ted thinks there's something fishy going on. Ever since his birthday when he got a special loyalty card at the local shop, all...
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The Smile
Josh has a problem. There's a new little person in the house, his baby brother Charlie. It's supposed to be a happy thing - but...
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A fun, swashbuckling adventure. Ben arrives at pirate school ready and raring to learn all about how to be the best pirate he can...
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Sea Urchins and Sand Pigs
A delightful story from a top author. With treasure trails, dune pigs and the occasional visiting mermaid, there's never a dull...
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The Monster from the Blue Planet
Hugely fun space adventure from international bestseller Cornelia Funke, with full colour illustrations by award-winning Elys...
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Monster Busters
A mad-cap, thrilling monster adventure - with extra monsters! Fun and quirky tale from Inkheart author Cornelia Funke. When Rosa...
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Mary's Hair
Mary loathes her big, curly, bushy hair and so she chops it all off...and she looks fantastic! Well, at least she thinks so. But...
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Joe and the Dragonosaurus
When Joe's teacher announces the new class project will be all about their pets, Joe turns glum - there's no animals allowed in...
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The Gingerbread Star
Little Hetty dreams of being a glow-worm instead of a boring old grey worm. She wants a light of her own so she can glow and...
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The Fish in the Bathtub
Heartwarming story set in post-war Poland. Little Lucja's Grandpa Feliks has seen off the German army, and the Communists, and...
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The First Third Wish
A charming fairytale. When a newly - qualified fairy loses the third wish of three she must deliver to a woodcutter, young Dickon...
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A hilariously wacky read from author/illustrator Ross Collins. Whenever there's a pong, poo or puddle that can't be explained,...
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The Big Fib
A charming story set on a Scottish island about one boy and a fib that gets out of control...Robbie's been spending lots of time...
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The Bad Trousers
A charming birthday story about one boy and his Granny's awful knitting, with artwork by Katie Morag creator Mairi Hedderwick....
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Pablo Picasso
Meet Pablo Picasso and discover the story of his life and work in this engagingly illustrated biography—narrated by the artist...
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Baby Dinos. Terri's First Flight
It’s a big day for little Terri: she’s supposed to spread her wings and fly. But Terri’s scared of heights. “I DON’T WANT TO...
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Baby Dinos. A Toothbrush For Rex
Scary roars are echoing through the forest—and they’re coming from Rex! The poor thing has a stick stuck in his teeth, and it...
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My Little Peek a Book. Opposites in the Jungle
Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping.
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Look and Learn. Words
Look and Learn. Words.
855 руб  Купить
Fairy Tales to Touch. Cinderella
Discover the tale of Cinderella and the glass slipper. Let your favourite fairy tale captivate the imagination of your little one...
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My Green Day. 10 Green Things I Can Do Today
Make every day a green day with ten simple things to do between breakfast and bedtime.
Discover ten ways in which every child...
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Open Up, Please!
From minibombo, the innovative team behind The White Book and Black Cat, White Cat, comes a wickedly funny, interactive lift-the...
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My Mum Is Fantastic (board book)
An exuberant celebration of extraordinary mothers everywhere, illustrated with great humour and warmth.
The mum in this book is...
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Monster Doodles
A spooky write-in activity book crammed with monsters to doodle and details to add to bring them to life. Doodlers can draw...
760 руб  Купить
199 Things That Go
A colourful book full of pictures of exciting vehicles to discover, from steam trains, lorries and trucks to sports cars,...
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Who's up in the Air?
Who’s driving the train? Who’s wet in the rain? This adorable book is full of rhyming questions for little children to answer by...
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My First 100 Words in Irish
Discover 100 everyday words in Irish in this wonderfully illustrated book. Colourful scenes, labelled in Irish, include a jungle...
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Little First Stickers. Nativity Play
Bring the Christmas story to life in this charming sticker book, from Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay in Bethlehem,...
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Cow Takes a Bow
The circus is in town, but they need a clown. Could this be Cow’s big chance? Press the buttons on the pages to hear this...
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