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Жанр "Литература на английском языке для детей"

Where's the Butterfly? (board book)
Where's the little bear? Where's the tiger's tail? This book is full of fun questions for
little children to answer.
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Where's the Busy Bee? (Usborne Baby Books) board bk
Where's the little duck?
Where's the rowing boat?
This book is full of fun questions for little children to answer.
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Weasels With Measles
The little weasels have woken up covered in spots! Have they really caught the measles? Find out in this entertaining story for...
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Science Scribble Book
Think like a scientist in this innovative activity book, full of science activities to explore, record, discover and invent....
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Travel Puzzles
This little book is packed with puzzles that will make any journey fly by, including mazes, spot-the-differences, logic puzzles...
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The Twinkly Twinkly Christmas Tree
Children – and adults – will love the twinkly lights that light up as you turn the pages and follow the story in this book. Mouse...
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Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow
From the famous English legend. Robin Hood and his outlaws rob the Sheriff once too often, and the Sheriff sets a trap: an...
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Poodle Draws Doodles
Poodle loves to doodle everywhere - walls, doors, floors, no surface is safe! The naughty poodle is soon in trouble. But could...
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Pompeii Sticker Book
Discover the history of the bustling Roman city of Pompeii, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and the wealth of historical...
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Riverside Friends
Meet an assortment of adorable animals and find out what's happening by the riverside! This chunky but lightweight and...
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Roald Dahl's Sticker Book Collection (4 books)
An exciting gift set of four Roald Dahl sticker activity books filled with activities and games based on four Roald Dahl...
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Roald Dahl Superstory Collection (4-book boxset)
Matilda Wormwood's fаther is a mean crooked crook. And her mother's just plain stupid. They think Matilda is a nuisance...
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Alphabet Ice Cream & Other Rhymes (4-book slipcase)
Say hello to Nick and Sue!
These fun-filled and colourful rhuming books are the perfect introduction to counting, the alphabet,...
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The Magical Unicorn Society. Official Handbook
After centuries of mystery, the mythical Magical Unicorn Society has published its official handbook.
These learned lovers of...
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Touch and Feel Baby Animals
Babytown Book Baby Animals
8 doublesided pages
Interactive words and pictures book
Hardback cover and pages - long lasting...
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Santa's 12 Days of Christmas
Have you ever wondered what Santa gets up to after Christmas Eve Find out in this humorous and innovative re-telling of the 12...
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I Love Santa Sticker Activity Book
Bursting with beautiful, Christmas-themed activities for children to complete, this sticker book is sure to keep little ones...
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What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday. Sticker Book
Based on the bestselling picture book by unstoppable picture book pairing Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, the What the Ladybird...
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Ten Terrible Dinosaurs
Ten terrible dinosaurs standing in a line, soon began to mess about until there were . . . nine.
This lively counting book stars...
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The Snail and the Whale Seaside Nature Trail
Calling all seaside explorers! Learn all about the natural world of the coast with spotter guides, activities, crafts and fun...
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Sharing a Shell
When Crab finds a new shell, he doesn't want to share it with anyone - especially not a blobby purple anemone and a tickly...
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Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals
Get ready for bedtime with this rhyming picture book full of favourite animals.
It's night-time and Cat is going to say...
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The Rhyming Rabbit
The Rhyming Rabbit loves to make up entertaining poems, inspired by everything he sees, but the other rabbits don't appreciate...
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Rabbit Races Ahead!
Rabbit Races Ahead! is a wonderfully warm story about empathy and kindness, perfect for preschool readers.
It's Sports Day at...
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Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox
Imagine Ellen's surprise when Princess Mirror-Belle climbs out of the bathroom mirror! She comes from a world where...
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Nursery Alice
An enchanting adaptation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for younger readers, with the original preface and...
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My Magical Mermaid Sparkly Sticker Activity Book
Discover a sparkly magic world in My Magical Mermaid Sparkly Sticker Book, by Campbell Books. This adorable activity book is...
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Gruffalo, What Can You Hear?
You're never too young to meet a Gruffalo! Join the Gruffalo as he explores the deep dark wood. Ideal for busy babies who are out...
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Brilliant Bugs
Explore the forest, a busy pond and the steamy jungle in First Explorers: Brilliant Bugs! Spot the spiders, butterflies and stick...
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Beautiful Birds
Discover peacocks in the park, parrots in the rainforest and cockatoos in the Australian bush in First Explorers: Beautiful...
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