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A Hero of Our Time

A Hero of Our Time
A Hero of Our Time
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ID товара: 724094
Издательство: Alma Books
Автор: Lermontov Mikhail
Серия: Classics
Год выпуска: 2019
Страниц: 222
Тип обложки: обл - мягкий переплет (крепление скрепкой или клеем)
Иллюстрации: Без иллюстраций
Масса: 260 г
Размеры: 198x128x18 мм
Наличие: На складе
On his travels through the wild mountainous terrain of the Caucasus, the narrator of A Hero of Our Time chances upon the veteran soldier and storyteller Maxim Maximych, who relates to him the dubious exploits of his former comrade Pechorin. Engaging in various acts of duelling, contraband, abduction and seduction, Pechorin, an archetypal Byronic anti-hero, combines cynicism and arrogance with melancholy and sensitivity. Causing an uproar in Russia when it was first published in 1840, Lermontov's brilliant, seminal study of contemporary society and the nihilistic aspect of Romanticism - accompanied here by the unfinished novel Princess Ligovskaya - remains compelling to this day.

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