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Жанр "Классическая отечественная проза на англ. языке"

The Idiot
The Idiot is a remarkable literary feat; a true accomplishment. It not only shows and represents true human complexity, but it...
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Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment is one of the greatest and most readable novels ever written. From the beginning we are locked into the...
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Selected Stories
Anton Chekhov was a master of the short story. The son of a former serf in southern Russia, he attended Moscow University to...
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The Karamazov Brothers
The Karamazov Brothers is the greatest passionate philosophical novel in the Russian literature that enters deeply into the...
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Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy's classic story of doomed love is one of the most admired novels in world literature. Generations of readers have...
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The Karamazov Brothers
Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky - a famous Russian novelist, short-story writer essayist,
journalist and...
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The Idiot
The Idiot tells the story of Prince Myshkin, a man of pure innocence, whose kindness and open-hearted simplicity make many of the...
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Crime and Punisment
Представляем вашему вниманию роман Федора Михайловича Достоевского "Crime and Punisment".
На английском языке.
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Selected Stories
Представляем вашему вниманию книгу Антона Павловича Чехова "Selected Stories". На английском языке.
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Eugene Onegin: роман в стихах на английском языке
Eugene Onegin is the master work of the poet whom Russians regard as the fountainhead of their literature. Set in 1820s Russia,...
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Five masterful dramatic works from one of the world's best-loved playwrights, including The Seagull-now a major motion picture...
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Eugene Onegin
Eugene Onegin is the master work of the poet whom Russians regard as the fountainhead of their literature. Set in 1820s imperial...
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How the Two Ivans Quarrelled
The first story in this volume, How the Two Ivans Quarrelled, is an amusing portrayal of two exceptionally close friends, the...
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Three Years
On a visit to a provincial town to see his sister Nina who is suffering from cancer, Alexei Laptev, who works for his father's...
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As ideological ferment grips Russia, a small group of revolutionaries, led by Pyotr Verkhovensky and inspired by Nikolai...
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The Abyss and Other Stories
As the young Zinaida and her sweetheart, the student Nemovetsky, stroll through the idyllic Russian countryside, their memories,...
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Русские сказки на английском языке. Уровень 1
Книга, которую вы держите в руках, содержит самые лучшие русские сказки на английском языке: «Иван-царевич, Жар-птица и серый...
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Crime and Punishment
This acclaimed new translation of Dostoyevsky's 'psychological record of a crime' gives his dark masterpiece of murder and...
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The Queen of Spades and Other Stories
The Queen of Spades has long been acknowledged as one of the world's greatest short stories. In this classic literary...
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Fathers and Children
Fathers and Children, arguably the first modern novel in the history of Russian literature, shocked readers when it was first...
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Black Snow
After being saved from a suicide attempt by the appearance of a literary editor, the journalist and failed novelist Sergei...
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The Crocodile
The civil servant Ivan Matveich and his wife Yelena Ivanovna are spectators of an exhibition – in a shopping arcade – of a...
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The White Guard
Set in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev during the chaotic winter of 1918–19, The White Guard, Bulgakov’s first full-length novel,...
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The Fatal Eggs
Professor Persikov, an eccentric zoologist, stumbles upon a new light ray that accelerates growth and reproduction rates in...
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Lyrics. Volume II (1817-24)
The pioneer of modern Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin has exerted – through his novel in verse Eugene Onegin, his plays,...
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The Double
Constantly rebuffed from the social circles he aspires to frequent, the timid clerk Golyadkin is confronted by the sudden...
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Lyrics. Volume 1 (1809–17)
The founding father of modern Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin has exerted – through his novel in verse Eugene Onegin, his...
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Собачье сердце (Чудовищная история)
Повесть Михаила Булгакова «Собачье сердце» – произведение о потере цивилизованных ценностей в советской России, в котором...
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Мастер и Маргарита
Предлагаем вниманию читателей знаменитый роман советского писателя Михаила Булгакова «Мастер и Маргарита».
Роман, написанный в...
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Александр Николаевич Островский (1823-1886) - великий русский драматург, основоположник русского реалистического театра,...
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